Monday, November 03, 2008

Turkey Day Repeats from ABC

The following encore episodes are scheduled for broadcast on the full network on Thanksgiving Day November 27, 2008:

ALL MY CHILDREN #9982 (original air date 10/17/08)--A tornado hits Pine Valley. Ryan and Greenlee take cover in a shed and Aidan looks through the window and sees them together as another tornado hits. After escaping from his demolished car, Zach digs through the rubble at his beach house where he finds Spike, Ian and, surprisingly, Bianca but not Kendall. Adam and Erica are trapped in a locked room behind a cave of debris. JR and Babe have a makeshift wedding at the Comeback just before the tornado hits and the building collapses. Babe and Natalia are trapped under beams blocking access to Little A. (Thorsten Kaye and Eden Riegel, pictured)

ONE LIFE TO LIVE #10274 (original air date 9/22/08)--While Rex and Gigi prepare to tell Shane the truth that Brody is not his father, Brody picks Shane up at school and takes him to the courthouse to change Shane’s name. Rex and Gigi discover that Shane has left school with Brody. Jared almost finds Natalie in the Secret Room but Tess stops him. Todd and Marty kiss.

GENERAL HOSPITAL #11651 (original air date 9/29/08)--Kate gets shot at the altar and needs emergency surgery that could leave her paralyzed. Sonny is sure Karpov is responsible for the hit and wants Jason to kill him. Meanwhile, it is revealed to the audience that Anthony was actually the shooter. Lulu finds a note blackmailing her for Logan's murder while Tracy shows Johnny what Lulu's future could hold. Liz waits for Jason at the airport but he never shows up.