Sunday, October 05, 2008

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Marty decides to focus on her future, not her past.
Dorian has it out with Clint.
Langston (Brittany Underwood, pictured) appeals to Ray to let her stay in Llanview.

Todd and Marty make plans for the future.
Dorian wants Jackie McNaughton to get rid of Ray once and for all.
Clint and Nora don’t see eye to eye where Ray is concerned.

John keeps his suspicions about Todd and Marty from Blair.
Jared begins to grow certain that Tess has returned.
Todd throws Marty for a loop.

Marty makes a surprising admission to Todd.
Jared learns about the existence of the secret room beneath Llanfair.
Adriana refuses to budge in her stance against Gigi.

Jared is desperate to find Natalie.
Rex takes a turn for the worse.
Tina takes action after fighting with Tess.