Sunday, October 05, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Jason stands his ground with Sonny.
Things heat up between Ric and Claudia.
Anthony begins to lure Sonny into his trap.

Kate urges Olivia to tell Sonny the truth.
Sonny feels as though Jason’s betraying him.
Ric (Rick Hearst, pictured) warns Anthony that Johnny is out of control.

The animosity between Jax and Nikolas remains high.
Jason doesn’t think he and Elizabeth can have a future together.
Max pretends to be the big cheese when his father comes to town.

Jason helps Max keep his ruse alive.
Sonny admits the truth to Kate.
Patrick and Robin reach a decision about their future.

Karpov views Alexis as a problem that must be eliminated.
Claudia rubs Olivia the wrong way.
Patrick struggles with the secret he’s keeping from Robin.