Friday, August 22, 2008

Where Are They Now? Allyson Rice

I often read and hear about soap fans wondering whatever happened to Allyson Rice, the talented actress who was most noted for portraying Connor Jamison Walsh on As the World Turns back in the '90s. Well, I have tracked her down.

She is the founder of The Total Human™, a company which offers life-changing programs, retreats, and weekend workshops that will help to expand your personal power and presence in the world. Whether the program centers on health and healing, enhancing creativity and intuition, yoga and meditation, vision questing, ancient women's teachings, or reconnecting with the healing power of nature, the goal is always to create the dynamic manifestation of your greatest untapped potential. The programs are holistic, mind-body-spirit in approach, with a focus on direct personal experience as the path to transformation.

I have been in contact with her and will be interviewing her for the Daytime Dial syndicated column over the weekend, however I wanted to post a link to her site for anyone who might be interested.

Aside from the interesting workshops and retreats, she also makes handmade jewelry that she sells on the site.

Check it out, and keep and eye on this space for more details after the interview.


Anonymous said...

I really miss her character (when she played her) on ATWT. Those were some of the best years on the show. Too bad the writing isn't the same anymore :(