Monday, August 18, 2008

"Classic" 90210

In anticipation of 90210 returning to television, SOAPnet will air a 24-hour marathon of the original drama, Beverly Hills, 90210 on Labor Day, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 starting at midnight and going through the entire day. The BFFs of BH marathon will feature 24 pivotal episodes of the hit TV series, during the High School Years. It's all Beverly Hills, all the time.

Episodes include:

12AM – Episode #1991-Pilot A - “Pilot-Part 1/The Class of Beverly Hills” – Twins Brenda and Brandon Walsh move to Beverly Hills where they start school at West Beverly and go to their first party. (Season 1)

1AM – Episode #1991-Pilot B - “Pilot-Part 2/The Class of Beverly Hills” – Brenda’s romance with an older man causes problems at home and at school. (Season 1)

2AM – Episode #1991-006 – “Perfect Mom” - As they prepare for the mother-daughter fashion show, Brenda's jealous of Kelly's glamorous mom, unaware of all the issues she's hiding. (Season 1)

3AM – Episode #1991-009 – “Isn’t It Romantic?” - Brenda and Dylan's first date is met with disapproval by her father. (Season 1)

4AM – Episode #1991-012 – “Slumber Party” - Secrets are exposed and emotions run high during Brenda's girls only slumber party. (Season 1)

5AM – Episode #1991-021 –“Spring Dance” - At the big spring dance, Kelly brings Brandon and is crowned Queen; Brenda leaves with Dylan and sleeps with him for the first time; Steve takes Donna, but it doesn’t go well. (Season 1)

6AM – Episode #1992-022 – “Beach Blanket Brandon” – Brenda’s so freaked out about her pregnancy scare, she breaks up with Dylan. (Season 2)

7AM – Episode #1992-034 – “Halloween” - Donna and Brenda support Kelly when she's the victim of unwanted advances at a Halloween party. (Season 2)

8AM – Episode #1992-047 – “Things To Do on a Rainy Day” – Donna goes to see her pop idols Color Me Badd, but finds out her mother is cheating in the process. (Season 2)

9AM – Episode #1992-048 – “Mexican Stand-off” - Brenda and Dylan sneak off to Baja, but then can't get back into the country; Kelly gets close with Jake, much to Steve's chagrin. (Season 2)

10AM – Episode #1992-049 – “Wedding Bell Blues” - The Walshes are furious when they realize Brenda lied and ran off to Mexico with Dylan, especially Jim who forbids her from seeing him. Kelly's pleasantly surprised when Jake shows up at Jackie and Mel's wedding. (Season 2)

11AM – Episode #1993-052 – “Too Little Too Late / Paris 75001” - Brenda and Donna have trouble adjusting to the Parisian culture. Kelly and Dylan bond in Brenda’s absence. (Season 3)

12PM – Episode #1993-054 – “Shooting Star / American in Paris” - Even after David catches them kissing, Dylan and Kelly end up spending a romantic night on the beach together; Meanwhile, in Paris, Brenda pretends she's French when she meets a handsome American student (Dean Cain). (Season 3)

1PM – Episode #1993-061 – “Destiny Rides Again” - David pressures Donna about her choice to remain abstinent; Brenda is shocked to run into Rick in L.A.; Brenda and Dylan break up when they disagree about the SATs and Dylan admits to a summer fling, but doesn't reveal with who; Dylan immediately asks Kelly out. (Season 3)

2PM – Episode #1993-062 - “Rebel With a Cause” - Kelly and Brenda get into a fight when Brenda (on a date with Rick) runs into Kelly out on a date with Dylan. (Season 3)

3PM – Episode #1993-068 – “Back In the Highlife Again” - Dylan tells Kelly that he chooses her over Brenda, and they kiss in the pool. They then break the news to Brenda and she takes it badly. (Season 3)

4PM – Episode #1993-076 – “A Night To Remember” – When Donna gets drunk at a prom party, her friends try unsuccessfully to hide it from Mrs. Teasley. (Season 3)

5PM – Episode #1993-077 –“Something In The Air” – As Donna faces the school board, her friends organize a march to protest her not being allowed to graduate with them. (Season 3)

6PM – Episode #1993-078A – “Commencement – Part 1” - As they prepare to graduate, the gang reminisces and participates in the year end rituals at school. (Season 3)

7PM – Episode #1993-078B – “Commencement – Part 2” – The gang graduates from West Beverly and leaves their mark on the Hollywood sign. (Season 3)

8PM – Episode #1994-081 – “The Little Fish” – The gang starts to adjust to college life – except for Brenda and Dylan, who have both given up on school for now and spend some quality time together. (Season 4)

9PM – Episode #1994-106 – “Acting Out” – Kelly and Brenda compete for the same role in a play. (Season 4)

10PM – Episode #1994-109A - “Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington – Part 1” – Kelly admits her feelings for Brandon to Andrea; Brenda gets an offer to study acting in London (Season 4)

11PM – Episode #1994-109B - “Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington – Part 2” - Kelly surprises Brandon in Washington; Donna catches David cheating; Brenda shares a special goodbye with Dylan before heading to London. (Season 4)