Monday, July 07, 2008

SPOILERS: Days and Passions

This Week:
· Lucas and Chloe make love while at the Salem Inn.
· Kate gives Chelsea an earful and tells her to break things off with Daniel.
· Trent warns Nicole to end things with EJ.
· Morgan receives a letter from Paul.
· Bo and Hope rush in to break up a fight between Philip and Lucas.
Thursday – Caroline is with Victor when he suddenly collapses.
Friday – With bags packed and passport in hand, Max plans to find his half-sister.

This Week:
Monday, July 7
· Noah makes a romantic toast to Paloma.
· Julian pledges to make the Crane family more responsible.
· Sheridan tries to stop Vincent and Viki.

Tuesday, July 8
· Residents of Harmony are poisoned!
· Luis asks Sheridan to save Fancy.
· Esme confronts Viki.

Wednesday, July 9
· Luis is unable to save Pilar.
· Eve tries desperately to rescue Julian.
· Esme begs Tabitha for help.