Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of June 2nd

AMC: Annie is the latest female in Pine Valley who just has to have Ryan's baby--she visits a fertility clinic without his knowledge.
ATWT: That rat Cole shows up on Sofie's doorstep.
B&B: Katie decides to stop taking her medication just before her getaway with Nick.
Days: Nicole asks EJ to go home with her--or else??
GH: Maxie misinterprets Spinelli's advances.
GL: While Ashlee is distracted by a new man, Blake makes a move on Coop.
OLTL: Blair serves Todd with a restraining order.
Passions: Viki and Vincent hatch a murderous plan for some upcoming nuptials.
Y&R: Gloria says she's ready to confess her crimes.