Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gimme Your Questions for Luke Perry

Luke Perry is currently promoting his new movie, a Hallmark Channel original movie called A Gunfighter's Pledge. He plays a sheriff of a small town whose wife and child are killed. He goes to seek revenge and accidentally kills an innocent man in the process. It's a story of his self-discovery and redemption.

I will be interviewing him tomorrow at 12:30 EST, so if you have any questions you'd like me to ask him, gimme a holler at daytimedial(at) I will definitely be asking him if we'll be seeing him as Dylan in the new 90210, so submit any other question aside from that.

1 comments: said...

for me Luke's character from 90210, Dylan is the perfect man. His personality, strengh of will, independence and desire to protect those he cares about. i don't think i ever want to marry but if i ever met someone like that, i think i could change my mind. i would like to know what Luke thinks about Dylan, to what degree he can relate to him, does he think that he himself is similar to Dylan?
if so wow... even though where i grew up they showed 90210 on tv much later, it taught so many lessons when i was younger, but now that i'm older and i watch it on dvd, it makes me sad it's not real, i always wished to be part of such group of friends who truly care about each other. the show is also great because it makes you feel things, maybe i'm too sensitive but i laugh and cry when i watch it, i want to be an actress myself and i think it's truly a talent to achieve such connection with your audience.
have you ever wondered if Dylan's story would have been different if Shannen didn't leave the show, was there ever unread script.
to Luke, thank you for making Dylan at least a little bit real to me, thank you for everything you do, i wish you the best with all your projects (break a leg!:) if you ever need a friend let me know.