Sunday, April 20, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of April 21st

AMC: Angie's daughter Cassandra heads to Pine Valley (played by Yaya Dacosta from America's Next Top Model).
ATWT: Carly and Holden form a friendship as Lily leaves Oakdale (Martha Bryne leaves).
B&B: Stephanie shocks Eric by giving him and Donna her blessing.
Days: Ava's reign of terror is over when she is arrested.
GH: Nikolas cuts off ties with Ian and appears to start a new chapter in his life with Nadine.
GL: Ava gets some surprise news when she visits the doctor's office.
OLTL: Jared challenges Natalie to prove she doesn't love him.
Passions: Little Ethan pulls a prank on his wicked stepmother by dyeing her blue.
Y&R: Jeff and Gloria consumate their marriage.