Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kim Zimmer Tells it Like it Is!

She's never been known to hold back, onscreen and off, so I am glad to see Kim Zimmer is in fighting form. On her official website, she has voiced her displeasure at TPTB for her lack of story and airtime, and just where Guiding Light is going, in general.

"Sour grapes? Damn straight!!!" she writes. "I have no idea what this regime is doing! All I know is that for the first time in my history on [GL] I am way under my guaranteed number of shows. I wish I could tell you all that the reason I haven't been on the show was because I was in rehearsals for some fabulous Broadway show or on remote for a great indie film, but the reality is that I've been sitting on my butt wondering why I'm not being written. I don't know who the powers that be dislike more: Kim Zimmer or Reva Shayne." 

Hopefully her upcoming story line, which involves her father, Hawk (Gil Rogers), coming back to town with a proposition she can't pass up, will cheer her up a bit. And hopefully it will encourage her to stick around when her current contract expires this summer.