Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!


This Week:

* The fight for custody of Baby Jack begins.
* Taylor’s testimony will either make or break her case.
* Ridge begins to lose patience with Brooke.
* Katie gives Bridget the encouragement she needs to pursue Nick again.
* Surprise guests arrive for Eric and Stephanie’s anniversary party.


This Week:

* John drops charges against Rolf and hires him as his butler.
* Max receives his sentence for hiding Ford's body.
* Stephanie and Morgan take internships at competing firms.
* Victor introduces Daniel, the new doctor, to Chelsea.
* Philip overhears Chloe's suspicious conversation and records it.
Thursday - EJ is warned that the government wants the DiMeras out of the country.
Friday - Shawn and Belle reaffirm their marriage vows and start anew.

Next Week:

* Everyone gathers to encourage Bo to hang on.
* Shawn and Belle announce their reconciliation.
* Steve whisks Kayla away for a romantic picnic in the park.
* Max takes a peek inside Nick's book bag, and secretly changes his notes.
* John tells Victor that the Salem shipyard deal between the DiMera and Kiriakis families is off.
Thursday - A shrink questions Ava's sense of reality.
Friday - Chelsea passes out, and Dr. Jonas rushes her to the hospital.


Next Week:

Monday, March 10
* Theresa tries to call Pilar.
* Ethan wants to adopt Little Ethan.
* Pretty plots to have Fancy kill Paloma.

Tuesday, March 11
* Theresa escapes.
* Sheridan puts a stop to Pretty's plot.
* Luis tries to revive an unconscious Fancy.

Wednesday, March 12
* Theresa is desperate to get out of Mexico.
* Ethan is affected by a strong memory.
* Tabitha worries about the troublemaking imp.


This Week:

* Nikki has second thoughts about her relationship with David when his past catches up with him.
* Adam hides his attraction to Phyllis, as Nick and Phyllis work toward launching their magazine, and Nick tries to come to terms with Adam’s arrival in Genoa City.
* After a passionate night with Amber, Daniel makes a shocking discovery.
* Neil makes a surprising proposal to Karen, but is she ready to take the next step in their relationship?
* Victoria clashes with Adam at Newman Enterprises. How will Victor react?