Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Special Episode of ATWT

Hey, As the World Turns fans -- don't miss this Friday's episode. Dec. 21 is a special Christmas episode that brings a turn-of-the-20th-century dollhouse to life and depicts the residents of Oakdale in situations that might or might not be reminiscent of their own.

Sounds strangely weird, so I am definitely going to tune in, if only for the spectacle of it. Much like Guiding Light's superhero tie-in, the results of this should be interesting!

Susan Lucci Interview

Just as one would expect, Susan Lucci is super tiny in person, but the moment she begins to speak, her personality fills the room. I had the chance to catch up with Ms. Lucci at ABC’s Disney/MGM Super Soap Weekend in Orlando, Fla., last month. If you’ve never been or don’t know what it is, let me explain. It’s the mack-daddy of all meet-and-greets. All the hottest stars from the ABC soaps spend the weekend in sunny Central Florida for the main purpose of meeting, mingling with and entertaining their fans.

I guess I should say, their LEGIONS of fans. The numbers for any given day are in the tens of thousands, and they are all at MGM for one purpose — the chance to see their favorite soap star up close and in the flesh.

Susan has been a fixture at Super Soap Weekend since its inception 12 years ago. She’s seen it develop and grow into the fan-frenzy it has become today. So, how does this make the Diva of Daytime feel?

“I’m bowled over and so touched by the response. I am so grateful,” Susan says. With regard to the pandemonium surrounding the stars, Susan explains: “I couldn’t imagine it. During the Street Jam (celebration, which occurs each evening to close out the night), you look out from the stage onto the concourse and see 30 to 40 thousand people — isn’t that a giant stadium, like the Meadowlands or something? It’s truly incredible. It makes you breathless.”

Along with Susan’s immense appeal to her fans, her character, Erica Kane, has certainly made her mark on daytime television. What does Susan think leads to Erica’s lasting appeal?

“I’m sure that the fans have a better answer. I would love to hear what they have to say, because I really don’t know. Except that she is really unpredictable. And so there are things that she says that people want to say or do in their real life. Or they didn’t think of it until later, or didn’t have the nerve to try. Those kinds of things, I think, have been interesting to the audience.

“And her wardrobe’s pretty cute, too,” she adds with a laugh.

As “AMC” fans know, Erica Kane has been wreaking her own special kind of havoc in Pine Valley since 1970. She’s covered the gamut from kidnappings, pregnancies, multiple husbands, being scarred, finding a long-lost daughter, etc. Is their anything left for her that she hasn’t done already?

Susan replies: “Erica has done certainly a lot! I am sure that there are more fabulous things to do, and the writers will think of them. And I know Agnes Nixon (creator of ‘AMC’) is still very involved and hands-on — not in the daily production, but she’s certainly involved in the creativity. She created Erica Kane, so I am so happy that she’s there, and I’m sure her wheels are spinning.”

Justin Bruening Injured on Knight Rider Set

(from The star of the TV movie adaptation of hit 1980s series Knight Rider has been injured on the set. Actor Justin Bruening is recovering after getting hurt in a fight scene on Friday. Bruening injured his knee so badly he was hospitalized.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 17th

AMC: JR gets his memory back about the night he was intoxicated. Watch out Adam!
ATWT: Craig slips Meg an abortion drug, but will he be able to go thru with it?
B&B: The shooter makes a confession to Brooke, and Stephanie visits Stephen in jail to gloat.
Days: Chloe and Philip figure out that two ridiculously attractive people shouldn't be sleeping alone.
GH: Maxie makes Felicia feel even more horrible for being an absentee mom.
GL: Creepy Will traps several Springfield citizens inside a shopping mall.
OLTL: Jared wishes he hadn't faked being a Buchanan when he gets jealous of "niece" Natalie's romp with John.
Passions: Luis tries to explain to Pretty that he loves only Fancy.
Y&R: Heather reaches out to Paul and offers to spend Christmas with him.

Happy Holidays From The Bold and the Beautiful

I got a holiday card in the mail from the folks at The Bold and the Beautiful (pictured "The Forresters" and their real-life families), and just had to share with you folks. Click on the picture to see them all up-close.

Early Happy Holidays!

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!


This Week:

* Stephanie cancels Christmas.
* The shooter is revealed.
* Stephen receives a proposition from Stephanie.
* A new revelation rocks the Logan family.
* Eric has a special Christmas present for Donna.


Next Week:

* The Horton family joins Alice to hang Christmas ornaments.
* Stefano tells EJ that he has a plan.
* Belle publicly denounces Philip.
* Stephanie confides her secret in Kayla.
* Marlena lays into Chloe, demanding the truth about Brady.
* Max and Nick dress up to bring holiday cheer to the kids in the hospital.
Thursday - Ford's dad show's up at the Theta House to find his son.
Friday - Sami locates Lucas and Kate near the airport.


Next Week:

Monday, December 24
* Theresa fears that Ethan has chosen Gwen.
* Fancy and Luis are reunited.
* Residents of Harmony are reunited with their long-lost loved ones.

Tuesday, December 25

Wednesday, December 26
* Ethan defends Theresa to Ivy and Sam.
* Luis enjoys his Christmas miracle.
* Tabitha gets a warning from the dark side.

Thursday, December 27
* Gwen is affected by Theresa's selfless acts.
* Miguel has a shocking revelation.
* Ivy pushes Ethan to end things with Theresa.


This Week:

* Unable to trust Jack, Sharon decides to move out of the Abbott House and into her cabin at the Newman Ranch – with Nikki!
* The paternity of Victoria’s baby is revealed. Is Brad or J.T. the father?
* Cane comes to a painful realization about his relationship with Lily.
* Angry that Victor is calling in her loan, Nikki decides to sue him, and enlists some unlikely allies to join her.
* Daniel is suspicious of Amber’s spending habits.

Original Greenlee IS Returning to Pine Valley!

UPDATE: It's official. I just got the confirmation from AMC this afternoon. Rebecca Budig's first airdate as the new/old Greenlee will be January 16. While I do like Sabine, I must say that I am excited to see Rebecca on my TV set again. Stay tuned to see what she stirs up!

Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that Rebecca Budig is back as Greenlee on All My Children, and her replacement, Sabine Singh, is out.

Also, make sure you tune in to AMC next week for significant developments in the search for Zach and Greenlee that should have a major impact on future storylines.