Friday, August 10, 2007

Cast Your Vote in "B&B's" Boldface Challenge

Press Release:


Viewers Can View Duets At And Vote For Their Favorite Via Text Message And Online

Each Vote Is a Sweepstakes Entry

Duet Winner Revealed on Special Concert Featuring Recording Artist and former American Idol Contestant Elliott Yamin and Singer/Songwriter Jon McLaughlin To Be Broadcast Friday, Aug. 24 and Monday, Aug. 27 On The CBS Television Network

CBS ' s THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL introduces the "Boldface Challenge" in which viewers will have the opportunity to watch some of their favorite characters sing duets and vote for the performance they prefer. The duets will take place on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL at a special concert to be broadcast Friday, Aug. 24 and Monday, Aug. 27 (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT), on the CBS Television Network.

Starting August 1, viewers will be able to visit, view the duets and text their votes or vote online. Each vote enters the viewer in a sweepstakes and a chance to win Weekly Prizes and the Grand Prize, a trip for two to the set of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL in Los Angeles . The winner of this contest will be announced on the show Friday, August 24.

The sweepstakes runs August 1 through August 19. Weekly Prizes will vary, but include t-shirts, boldface records hats and Constantine Maroulis' new CD.

For details and sweepstakes rules, visit

On the Wednesday, August 1st broadcast of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, record promoter Constantine Parros (Constantine Maroulis) challenges his young protégée, Phoebe Forrester (Mackenzie Mauzy), to post a duet they recorded on his record company ' s site, He will post Phoebe ' s duet with her former boyfriend, Rick Forrester ( Kyle Lowder ), on the site as well, so viewers can screen both duets and have the opportunity to vote for their favorite.

On Friday, August 24, recording artist and former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin and singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin will perform in a special concert with Constantine, Phoebe and Rick, and the Grand Prize winner of the sweepstakes will be revealed, with the duet challenge winner being announced on Monday, August 27.

Island Recording artist Jon McLaughlin, a singer/songwriter and pianist from the heartland, released his debut album Indiana in May and his current single, "Beautiful Disaster," is climbing the charts.

Former American Idol finalist Elliott Yamin currently has the Number 5 single in the country, "Wait For You," which is going gold.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

The Bold and the Beautiful Tomorrow (Aug. 8th):

* Bridget makes a quick save with Carl.
* Stephanie delivers Andy an offer.
* Donna hits the jackpot in Vegas!

Days of Our Lives next week:

* Jeremy reaches a turning point.
* Philip confronts Shawn in Indianapolis.
* Nick's "new wife" gives him a costly ultimatum.
* Kayla and Steve make a temporary addition to their family.
* Time in the refrigeration truck leaves Lucas feeling less than his normal self.
* Things get steamy between Max and Stephanie in the hot tub.
* Tony clues EJ in about the contents of the tabernacle.

Passions next week:

Monday, August 13

* Ethan tells Gwen that he and Theresa are eloping!
* Chris surprises Sheridan at the cottage.
* Jessica is arrested by her father.

Tuesday, August 14
* Gwen helps organize Ethan and Theresa’s elopement.
* Fancy and Pretty argue at the Crane Pool.
* Spike confesses he committed the murders, not Jessica.

Wednesday, August 15
* Luis and Sheridan discover a body in the Crane Pool.
* Spike escapes from police custody.
* Endora whips up a romantic fantasy for Paloma and Noah.

Thursday, August 16
* It’s Theresa and Ethan’s wedding day!
* Spike demands Sheridan help him.
* Tabitha, Norma and Mrs. Wallace reminisce about the good old days.

Friday, August 17
* Gwen and Rebecca are locked in a closet!
* Pretty tells Luis what Fancy did to her.
* Julian and Eve go to visit Vincent in the psychiatric hospital.
The Young and the Restless this week:
* Kay is determined to put a stop to Jill and Ji Min’s engagement, leading her to face-off with Ji Min in an angry showdown.
* As Jana’s condition worsens, Kevin desperately tries to get the money to pay for her surgery.
* Cane and Amber make love, but their reunion is short-lived, as Cane reveals his hatred and disgust for Amber is far from over.

Monday, August 06, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Aug. 6th

AMC: Erica wants Jack to choose between her and his daughter Greenlee.
ATWT: Jack and Carly are forced to share a kiss.
B&B: Stephanie learns the extent of Thorne and Donna's relationship.
Days: Sami and EJ team up to rescue Lucas from a trap.
GH: Coop walks in on Maxie and Logan in a compromising position.
GL: Lizzie and Billy become unlikely allies.
OLTL: John remains conflicted about his decision to keep Tommy's paternity a secret, especially when he spots Blair holding the baby.
Passions: Vincent tries to kill Eve for betraying him.
Y&R: Katherine fires Ji Min after he turns down her offer to leave Jill.