Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

The Bold and the Beautiful Tomorrow (Aug. 8th):

* Bridget makes a quick save with Carl.
* Stephanie delivers Andy an offer.
* Donna hits the jackpot in Vegas!

Days of Our Lives next week:

* Jeremy reaches a turning point.
* Philip confronts Shawn in Indianapolis.
* Nick's "new wife" gives him a costly ultimatum.
* Kayla and Steve make a temporary addition to their family.
* Time in the refrigeration truck leaves Lucas feeling less than his normal self.
* Things get steamy between Max and Stephanie in the hot tub.
* Tony clues EJ in about the contents of the tabernacle.

Passions next week:

Monday, August 13

* Ethan tells Gwen that he and Theresa are eloping!
* Chris surprises Sheridan at the cottage.
* Jessica is arrested by her father.

Tuesday, August 14
* Gwen helps organize Ethan and Theresa’s elopement.
* Fancy and Pretty argue at the Crane Pool.
* Spike confesses he committed the murders, not Jessica.

Wednesday, August 15
* Luis and Sheridan discover a body in the Crane Pool.
* Spike escapes from police custody.
* Endora whips up a romantic fantasy for Paloma and Noah.

Thursday, August 16
* It’s Theresa and Ethan’s wedding day!
* Spike demands Sheridan help him.
* Tabitha, Norma and Mrs. Wallace reminisce about the good old days.

Friday, August 17
* Gwen and Rebecca are locked in a closet!
* Pretty tells Luis what Fancy did to her.
* Julian and Eve go to visit Vincent in the psychiatric hospital.
The Young and the Restless this week:
* Kay is determined to put a stop to Jill and Ji Min’s engagement, leading her to face-off with Ji Min in an angry showdown.
* As Jana’s condition worsens, Kevin desperately tries to get the money to pay for her surgery.
* Cane and Amber make love, but their reunion is short-lived, as Cane reveals his hatred and disgust for Amber is far from over.