Friday, May 18, 2007

Casting News!

First off, let me apologize for the scarcity of my posts this past week. I went on my first cruise last Friday through Monday, and have been spending the rest of the time playing "catch-up" at work.

Now, onto the exciting casting news!

I think someone at As the World Turns was reading our blog, because Cady McClain will be reprising her Emmy Award-winning role of Rosanna Cabot later this year. She made the announcement on her Web site: "I am returning to ATWT to play Rosanna Cabot, who will arise from her coma in Switzerland to what deeds we can only imagine. Who is she now?! What did she dream?! How is her hair?! I am very pleased to be returning, and I hope to have a lot of fun."

When I interviewed her last year (while she was on AMC), she spoke VERY fondly of her time on ATWT, and I had the feeling that she would jump at the chance to return if given the chance. Here's what Cady told me back in August 2006: “It was hard to be so mean (as Rosanna), but it was a great experience. I felt slightly stigmatized by the ‘Dixie’ character and stymied by what I was exploring. I wanted to prove I could play something entirely different and I did. I won a Daytime Emmy my third year playing Rosanna. That was very nice and extremely gratifying.”

I am very happy for Cady and wish her all the best in Oakdale. Maybe she'll give Craig Montgomery (newly re-cast Scott Bryce) a run for his money!

Also, as Days of Our Lives has been teasingly hinting to fans for months now, the DiMera's are back -- with a vengeance! Joseph Mascolo will be back starting June 6th to reprise his role of evil-doer Stefano DiMera. Although details of his contract have not been released, he is expected to appear at least through the summer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Guiding Light Stars Shine on Stage

Congratulations to Laura Bell Bundy, my favorite Marah, for her Tony Award nomination: Best Performance for a Leading Actress in a Musical. She stars as Elle Woods, the role Reese Witherspoon once made famous, in "Legally Blonde: The Musical." Bundy is no stranger to 42nd Street. After leaving the role of Marah Lewis, which she played on "GL" from 1999-2001, she went on to star as Amber Von Tussell in the hit musical "Hairspray" and then was the original standby for Glinda in "Wicked." While I'd love to see her return to Springfield, or another on another soap, I'm really happy to see her using her musical talents and getting the recognition she deserves.

There's also another (current) "GL" actress who is living her dream on Broadway. Mandy Bruno, who plays Marina Cooper on the soap, has won the role of Eponine in the revival of the classical musical "Les Miserables." It can't be easy juggling a front-burner storyline on daytime with the demands of the stage, but it's an opportunity a theater lover like Mandy couldn't turn down. You can catch her in "Les Miz" from now through October.

For tickets to either or both of these musicals, call 1-800-Broadway, or log on to

Monday, May 14, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of May 14th

AMC: Jack and Erica get an eyeful when they walk in on Sean and his conquest.
ATWT: Carly lurks in the shadows as Katie visits Jack and the kids at the Snyder farm.
B&B: Storm asks his sister Brooke to coax a confession out of Ridge.
Days: EJ follows Sami on her honeymoon to New Orleans and delivers an ultimatum.
GH: Jax is honest with Sonny about Craig's real identity.
GL: Jeffrey presents a court-ordered DNA test to Alan.
OLTL: Jessica is given bad news about her medical status.
Passions: Chad tells Noah about his affair with Vincent. Is Whitney the next to find out?
Y&R: Jack has no other choice but to sell Jabot to Katherine.