Monday, May 14, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of May 14th

AMC: Jack and Erica get an eyeful when they walk in on Sean and his conquest.
ATWT: Carly lurks in the shadows as Katie visits Jack and the kids at the Snyder farm.
B&B: Storm asks his sister Brooke to coax a confession out of Ridge.
Days: EJ follows Sami on her honeymoon to New Orleans and delivers an ultimatum.
GH: Jax is honest with Sonny about Craig's real identity.
GL: Jeffrey presents a court-ordered DNA test to Alan.
OLTL: Jessica is given bad news about her medical status.
Passions: Chad tells Noah about his affair with Vincent. Is Whitney the next to find out?
Y&R: Jack has no other choice but to sell Jabot to Katherine.