Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ER star, and former General Hospital heartthrob, John Stamos, was involved in a disturbance on a plane this past Monday.

According to "The unnamed woman reportedly shook the actor awake during the flight from Chicago, Ill., to Los Angeles, and then sat in, and refused to give up, his first-class seat when he went to the toilet. Stamos, who was traveling with a friend, was hit several times in the hand as the woman began shouting and threatening him. F.B.I. agents boarded the plane when it landed, as is standard procedure when dealing with a midair disturbance. The officials took statements from numerous witnesses, although it appears no charges will be filed."

First of all, someone needs to file charges -- this woman is evidently deranged. Second of all, how weird would that have been for John to suffer through? The man was just trying to catch some Zzz's. I know how I get when I am awakened -- imagine how it is to be awakened by a crazed fan?
OK, now here is E! Online's version, which doesn't sound nearly as weird as imdb's version of the events: "The ER star was involved in an altercation while flying first class from Chicago to Los Angeles when he was approached by a woman interested in chatting while he was trying to sleep. When the woman persisted in getting louder, airline personnel tried to quiet her, and as part of standard procedure, they notified authorities when the plane landed. The FBI took statements from everyone involved, but it appeared no charges would be filed."