Monday, November 12, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Nov. 12th

AMC: Jonathan offers to have Richie removed from Ryan and Annie's lives for good.
ATWT: Lily and Dusty rekindle their old romance, but how far will they go?
B&B: Eric makes his choice between wife Stephanie and trophy mistress Donna.
Days: Steve gets caught looking for his hidden firearm.
GH: Luke's heart stops when he's around Tracy, but not in a good way.
GL: Bill Lewis returns to Springfield and sets his sights on a certain pint-size Spaulding.
OLTL: Natalie enjoys making Jared jealous. Will these two kids finally get frisky?
Passions: After briefly mourning the loss of yet another lover, Esme turns to the Julian.
Y&R: Nikki puts aside her own wishes and announces that Victoria would not want her baby to die.