Thursday, November 15, 2007

Days Actor Let Go

In another casting upheaval at Days of Our Lives, Marcus Patrick, who portrayed Jett Carver, has been let go. His last day was yesterday. Rumors are swirling that he was fired because he posed for racy pics in Playgirl magazine. A Days rep adamantly denies those rumors, stating that the ousting is story-line dictated.

Of course, people who are looking for a juicy story will say that Days is covering up, however, I believe they are telling the truth. I interviewed Marcus a few months ago, and he talked openly about the Playgirl spread (a Days rep was on the phone with us). Days did not seem to have a problem with it, at least not one that they led on to me about. He was proud of the pics, and it would seem he would have downplayed the spread if he thought it might get him fired.

I think his leaving is just a part of the budget shake-up at Days. I mean, they had to let Drake Hogestyn go, for goodness sake! They are hanging on by a thread each year when it comes renewal time, which is a shame, since Days of Our Lives is an iconic American soap-opera! Hopefully things will settle down there soon, and we won't lose any more cast members.