Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SPOILERS for Days, Passions and Y&R!


Next Week:

* EJ sets his sights on Belle.
* Stephanie is jealous when Max gets a date.
* Kayla and Steve are threatened by Philip.
* Stefano provides an annulment for Sami and Lucas.
* Lauren gives one last clue about Tyler.
Thursday - Philip acts impulsively and shows his affection for Belle.
Friday - Andre makes a surprising last stand.


Next Week:

Monday, October 8
* Ivy blames Kay for Fox's murder.
* Pilar urges Theresa to fight Alistair.
* Gwen tries to crack the code to J.T.'s computer files.

Tuesday, October 9
* Sam investigates Kay.
* Luis confides in Sheridan about Fancy's strange behavior.
* Pilar and Gwen square off.

Wednesday, October 10
* Pilar has a dark secret that could destroy her family.
* Pretty offers to help Fancy keep Luis.
* Kay is desperate to convince her father she is innocent.

Thursday, October 11
* Luis caves in to Spike's demands.
* Esme confronts Pretty about her behavior.
* Theresa gives Ethan shocking news.


This Week:

* The fall-out from Nick and Sharon’s kiss continues, as an angry Phyllis learns the truth and confronts Sharon.
* Nick and Sharon’s secret is exposed when an embittered rival phones the tabloids.
* Lily attempts a ruse to bring her closer to Cane.
* Gloria schemes to retrieve possible evidence from Jeffrey, but he remains one step ahead of her.
* J.T. arranges a special night for a surprise proposal.