Monday, October 01, 2007

ATWT: Bob and Kim's Son Returns

Chris Hughes is one of those characters on soaps that has been recast so many times, it's easy to lose track of what happens to the character. However, in this case we don't mind because any member of the Hughes family is fine with me. I miss seeing Bob and Kim on my tube everyday, so if bringing back Chris means we might get to see more of them, then recast away!

Actor Dylan Bruce will take on the role beginning Oct. 25. With Chris' return comes Emily, who took off for an island vacation after finding out her sister Alison (Marnie Schulenburg) shagged her beau Dusty (Grayson McCouch). Kelly Meninghan Hensley, who plays Emily, was on maternity leave in real life. You may also remember that Emily has a history with Chris. Alison was engaged to Chris when Emily was making out with him on a semi-regular basis. A tearful Alison walked out on her own wedding when she learned of her sister's deceit. So will this be round 3 of the Stewart man-sharing competition? Stay tuned and find out.