Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interview With Scott Bryce

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing Scott Bryce - the new-improved, original Craig Montgomery of As the World Turns. It was such a fun interview. Scott has a terrific sense of humor and a wonderful passion for the role of Craig.

While the interview won't be published until April 13, I will tell you that we can expect to see Scott's brand of Craig to return. Scott is interested in bringing the humanity back to the role. He doesn't just want to be the dastardly villain who twirls his mustache as he plans his evil mechinations. "Craig's desperate need and desire to excel, improve and find love" is what causes him to be who he is and act how he does. As an actor, Scott wants to "find the substance and the reason" behind the actions.

I was superexcited when I heard Scott was returning, and that feeling has only intensified now that I know the Craig we all remember will be back. Tune in April 10 to see Scott's first appearance. And as he said to me: "Please, grant me a little leeway at first. My first few episodes are like 'deer in the headlights,' I was so overwhelmed. Thank God I was working with Liz Hubbard ('Lucinda Walsh'). She made it a lot easier for me!"

No problem, Scott. You've been gone for more than a decade ... it takes some time to get your sea legs back!