Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Feb. 5

AMC: JR reveals his true colors when he attempts to blackmail Babe.
ATWT: Someone is arrested for stealing the bonds -- will that sneaky Adam get away with it?
B&B: Phoebe finds herself preoccupied with Rick when former crush Shane comes back to town.
Days: While under hypnosis, Steve learns what the DiMeras did to him, and it isn't pretty.
GH: Elizabeth and Alan both need medical attention, but only one of them will get it.
GL: Reva feels guilty for keeping Jonathan's secret, while Lizzie suspects he may still be alive.
OLTL: Nash and Jessica continue to fight their attraction for one another.
Passions: Chad breaks up with his part-time lover, but the scorned one has other ideas.
Y&R: Lauren, carrying a gun, is faced with the impossible decision of telling Sheila and Phyllis apart.