Monday, February 05, 2007

Eileen Davidson Comes To "The Bold and the Beautiful"

In a "Daytime Dial" exclusive, I can confirm that Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley, "The Young and the Restless") will be joining "B&B" as Ashley Abbott. Her first day on the set is this Thursday, Feb. 8, and her first airdate will be March 9, confirmed by Eva Demirjian, spokesperson for "B&B."

The premise for Ashley's arrival (since we last heard she was on her way to Hong Kong), Brooke calls Ashley and asks her to come to L.A. to help develop a signature scent to go with the Forresters' new clothing line. No word yet on whether daughter Abby will come with her.

Here is an excerpt from the interview I just conducted with Eileen that will run in newspapers Feb. 16:

“Brad (Bradley Bell, ‘B&B’ head writer and executive producer) called me out of the blue,” Eileen tells me. “I was really thrilled that he called. After ‘Y&R,’ I didn’t really put any feelers out (for new acting work). I spent that time getting through the holidays — I have a 3-1/2-year-old, plus I have 11- and 13-year-old stepsons. I figured I would contemplate my next move in January. I thought, ‘The first week in January, I’ve really gotta think about this.’”

This whole situation was new for Eileen. “I’ve never been out of work before when it wasn’t my own choice.”

But it was also a chance to spread her wings, along with Ashley’s. “What’s so cool is I’ve done so many things in daytime television, but this is a whole different thing. The second time around (playing Ashley on “Y&R”), Ashley never really got to live to her full potential. But now she’s in a whole new arena, without all the baggage she had on the other show.” Maybe the third time will be the charm.

So tune in March 9 for Eileen Davidson's debut on "The Bold and the Beautiful." I know I will!


Anonymous said...

Always love Ashley. Very glad that Eileen Davidson will continue her role on B&B. It will make me start back watching B&B was starting to lose interest, due to current story lines.