Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eric Braeden Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award

Earlier this year, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman, "The Young and the Restless") was honored with the 2007 Pacific Pioneer Broadcast Association's Lifetime Achievement Award. And what better way to celebrate than to have your friends and colleagues roast you?

As Eric told me last week: "There were 10 people roasting me. Dabney Coleman -- my crotchety old friend -- did a very good roast."

Also on hand to tease the King of Daytime was on-screen son, Josh Morrow (Nicholas Newman) and on-screen rival, Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott), along with "a lot of old friends."

While Eric had a wonderful time, and things got a little R-rated, as roasts tend to do. Unluckily for us fans, this was a private affair -- no cameras captured the high jinks. That's too bad, too -- I'd pay good money to see Victor Newman being roasted by Jack Abbott.

Congrats to Eric, and my hat's off to you for being such a good sport!