Thursday, February 15, 2007

"As the World Turns" Brings Back Ali

Marnie Schulenberg has been cast as Alison Stewart on "As the World Turns." She was last played by Jessica Dunphy. When Dunphy left the soap to pursue other opportunities, Alison the character moved to Seattle to join boyfriend Aaron Snyder (Agim Kaba).

Alison was a bad girl just like big sis (and bio mom) Emily Stewart (Kelley Meninghan Hensley) when she first came to Oakdale, but by the time she left, she had finally matured and gotten her man. Now it seems the newest incarnation of the character resembles Alison during her teenage years. In an interesting crossover, the character will first be seen on "The Young and the Restless" (both are CBS soaps, but "Y&R" is not a Procter & Gamble-owned soap like "GL" and "ATWT" are) on Feb. 22nd. Ali will help friend her Amber (herself a character crossover from "Bold & Beautiful," played by Adrienne Franz) trick Chancellor heir Cane into marriage.

You can get caught up to date on Alison's shenanigans on the Internet by watching the Innertube original series "L.A. Diaries" at Schulenberg will debut on "ATWT" on Mar. 21.