Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Jan 29th

AMC: JR says he wants Babe, and he’s got her, but is his love legit?
ATWT: Vienna settles into life as a farmgirl. Will she and hunky Brad go for a roll in the hay?
B&B: Pam’s feelings for Eric deepen as they dance at Brooke and Ridge’s engagement party.
Days: Hope becomes hostile toward Willow the former hooker.
GH: Alcazar becomes incapacitated before he can reveal an important code.
GL: Jonathan has a plan for him and Sarah, and only Reva knows the truth.
OLTL: John, Rex and Michael all look guilty of Spencer’s murder, but the culprit could be someone else.
Passions: The mystery of Fancy’s attacker deepens. Could the rapist be a woman?
Y&R: Sheila’s escape goes exactly as planned. Will Lauren survive?