Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dan Wells Switches From Day to Night

Many of you might remember him as Stan/Sami on "Days of Our Lives." As Dan Wells told me about the role, "It was nuts!" I interviewed him yesterday for the Feb. 9, 2007 Daytime Dial Interview column. While I can't divulge the contents of the interview here just yet (must wait until publication date), I can tell you that it was a superfun interview. Dan was very nice and very eager talk with me -- which I always appreciate. He even got apologetic a few times, asking me if he was talking too much, or babbling on too much. And the answer, of course, was, "Of course not!"

I like it best when the person I am interviewing talks and talks. In this way, they tend to reveal more, or remember more. It's less controlled, and in that way, they become more conversational, and a lot more interesting and fun to talk to.

But anyway, the reason I am writing now, is to turn ya'all on to watching his new nighttime telenovela called "Watch Over Me." It's on MyNetworkTV. The series started in December and runs for 65 nightly episodes. However, although you might have missed a month's worth of episodes, Dan assured me that you can pick it up on any night and just start watching it, and you won't be confused. Or disappointed. So, check out Dan Wells tonight at 9 p.m., and let me know what you think!