Friday, March 09, 2012

Interview (Days): Lucas Comes to Sami's Rescue, Again

Bryan Dattilo, who has played Lucas Roberts on “Days of Our Lives” off and on since 1993, is back again. Lucas returns to town at the request of ex-wife Sami Brady, who is undergoing personal turmoil (as usual) and needs Lucas’ support to help her through. However, when Lucas returns from Hong Kong, it appears he’s moved on from Sami and her games: He comes back to Salem with a fiancee in tow. I spoke with Bryan recently about his return, and he is excited to see what’s in store for Lucas this go-round.

Daytime Dial: What’s it like being back on “Days,” now that you are here for a longer stay?

Bryan Dattilo: It was the kind of thing where it’s so challenging, and I did the show for so long, and to be away from it this last time, I really appreciate what I have. I think I got burnt out a little the last time, but being back now is so rejuvenating — it’s new and it’s fresh, and there also are a lot of people I used to work with. Everyone has the sense of just how valuable the job and the show is. It’s high-paced because we have so much to shoot in a short time, and the work is quicker. You really have to be on your game. It’s kind of been hard getting used to the pace again, but it’s been great.

DD: How has Lucas changed and grown since he’s been off working in Hong Kong?

BD: Before I got back, I didn’t know exactly how they were going to play it, so I didn’t know if I was going to have to speak Mandarin or if I was going to have to come in bilingual or more capable in karate or something. But Lucas comes back with a fiancee, whom he met in Hong Kong, so that has a lot of weight to it, and a lot of people react to it. He comes back a lot more business smart from being over there — a little more mature and stronger, and kind of appreciates his home and his country more. Then that spilled over into appreciating people who used to be in his life, and being there for Sami and Will and Allie.

DD: Lucas has always been a good barometer for Sami when she goes through her different crises, because he does tell it like it is with her.

BD: He does tend to hold the mirror up in front of her and shows her how it is. Of course, she is going through so many things. Some of it’s her fault and some of it’s not, and Lucas is always quick to point out when it is her fault. So, it’s made for some really good scenes. Obviously he wants to be there for his son and his daughter. And Kate can always use a hand.

DD: Can you give us any teasers about upcoming episode?

BD: Lucas is definitely going to be there for Kate, and have a lot to do with the business and the things that she’s going through. She might be a little too comfortable now — she’s due for some hardship that he’s got to help her through. Will’s got a lot of things coming up that he’ll need his dad for, and then there’s always the stuff with Sami that you never know which way that’s going to go. The great thing about the character is that you can tie him into the Austin/Carrie story line because he’s got such history there, and he’s got history with the DiMeras, and he’s got history with the Hortons and the Bradys. There are lots of avenues and story lines that could guide the character. They’ve done a really good job spreading him out.