Thursday, June 10, 2010

Days: Such a Tease!

Teasers for week of June 14th:

Julie warns Sami not to make the same mistakes she did.

Bo and Carly share warm memories of Alice (the late Frances Reid, pictured).

Chloe fears the truth will come out through Father Matt.

Bill reminds Kate of the person she used to be.

Nicole finds Brady passed out and realizes he's drunk!

Thursday – Kate is nearly caught by Madeline!

Friday – Chloe turns to desperate measures with Nicole.

‘Bill’ played by JOHN MARTIN – Air Date: 6/15/2010
‘Laura’ played by JAMIE LYNN BAUER – Air Date: 6/15/2010
‘Melissa’ played by LISA TRUSEL - Air Date: 6/18/2010
‘Kayla’ played by MARY BETH EVANS - Air Date: 6/18/2010