Thursday, March 18, 2010

Julianne Moore on Her Return to ATWT

Julianne Moore (pictured left, with Steven Webber) told WENN about her cameo return to As the World Turns: "There is no time continuum in soaps, so I just came back as one of the sisters. The other one was stuck somewhere else!

"As The World Turns was my first big job and everyone was wonderful and incredibly professional and very supportive and loving. It was a great job for me, so when they said the show was ending it was incredibly sad because you don't want to see anything end like that.

"I was happy to go back and glad to be there near the end of it. I was glad to see the people who played my parents and the woman who played my sister and to see a couple of the crew members who were still there. It was cool to be able to have that opportunity and to thank people."