Monday, March 01, 2010

Ex-AMC Star the Latest on DWTS

All of you All My Children fans who are going through Aidan Devane withdrawals can get your fix in three weeks when Aiden Turner follows Cameron Matheson's footsteps as a competitor on this coming season of Dancing With the Stars. Season 10 begins Monday, March 22 on ABC.

Soap fans can also look forward to seeing 90210 bad girl Shannen Doherty strut her stuff as well. This news almost makes up for the fact that Kate Gosselin will be on it too.


gsk said...

Shannon and, if only the latest ex-Mrs. McCartney had waited for this season....darn! Aiden, however will most definitely end up at least in the final 4 couples. I wish people like Tony Danza and Renee Zellwigger would go on and some names like old guys from RocknRoll(meatloaf can move, fat thin or sweating) truly...the atheletes haven't been great and since Kelly Monaco and Nick Leche(sp?), there haven't been great surprises...improvements yes...but give me some eye candy...even George Hamilton was fun to watch. I wish just ONE big name would chance it...(not, of course a trained dancer). KZJones, we don't want...Zellwgr tho' never danced before Chicago the film and Richard Gere? we'll never know if he really did all that go on Dick! Robert Downey Jr. can dance anytime anywhere for me...he can sing, play the keys so I'll bet he can dance.