Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Days Interview: Carly, and Her Secrets, Return to Salem

(As a Thanksgiving treat, we are printing this interview two days early. Happy Turkey Day everyone, and we'll see you on Monday, Nov. 30!)

After a 16-year absence, Crystal Chappell’s Carly Manning (picture courtesy Mitchell Haaseth, NBC) has roared back into Salem with a deadly secret: She is on the run after killing her husband, Lawrence, in self-defense, and has come to Bo Brady for protection. And even though this might further alienate Hope and Bo, Crystal is happy to be in the thick of it all.

Daytime Dial: How does it feel to be back on “Days of Our Lives”?
Crystal Chappell: I’m thrilled. I’m having probably the best time that I’ve had in years. It’s really, really been fun to play this character again and work with everybody again.

DD: With “Guiding Light” going off the air and budget cuts elsewhere, what do you think the future of soaps will be?
CC: I think daytime will be around for a very long time. I think it’s going to have to adapt to the changing economy and changing viewership. But if it can do that, I think it can have a long life. I don’t want to see it go away, because I find comfort in knowing that they’re there and to be able to turn on my TV during the day and follow my favorite stories.

DD: What is it like to work with Peter Reckell again?
CC: Peter’s just a kind guy, so, you know, it’s very easy to work with him. And I think we have a nice, easy energy with each other and learned to trust each other very quickly on set. And the character of Bo is just that classic hero. He’s the guy you want around. He’s the guy you want as a friend and as a romantic partner. He’s that perfect guy.

DD: What’s it like to play Carly now?
CC: Well, I love that she’s come back and she’s imperfect. I love that she seems to be really, really good at the doctor thing and then just a total loser when it comes to relationships. So I appreciate that about a soap character. As much as she would like to think that she can handle everything on her own, she needs Bo.

DD: Are you worried about viewers hating Carly if she comes between Bo and Hope?
CC: Well, first of all, who could hate me, really? I spent 10 years on “Guiding Light,” and people used to come up and just say nasty things to me. I played a nasty character. I mean, she was just mean and evil and bitchy. I’d rather be the one who stirs the pot. I have no issue with that whatsoever. And the fans are smart, you know, they’re really, really smart; they know that ultimately Bo and Hope are going to live happily ever after. It gives them a chance to watch a great story with their favorite couple.

DD: How has Carly changed since she’s been away?
CC: Before, she was younger and tightly wound, and I don’t think she had a real good sense of who she was other than being a doctor. She used only that part of her brain. But now she’s had years of life experience, raised a child and just ended up in a very, very bad marriage, and so she’s a little harder around the edges. And she also has a sense of humor about it, so it’s much looser, a much more fun experience for me this time around.

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