Friday, June 05, 2009

Interview AMC: Bobbie Eakes and Co. Make Beautiful Music Together

While All My Children’s Krystal Carey always seems to have her hands full — whether it’s juggling men or juggling secrets — her portrayer, Bobbie Eakes, is a pretty busy woman herself. Only Bobbie isn’t up to no good — she’s making beautiful music.

Since June of last year, Bobbie and fellow soap stars Kassie DePaiva (Blair, One Life to Live) and Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie, OLTL) have been performing to packed audiences as the Divas of Daytime. This year, the Divas will also be featured performers at the Country Music Association’s Music Festival the weekend of June 12.

Bobbie explains how the Divas came about: “I had been wanting to put a group together for a long time. My first idea was a group where I’d be the only girl and have a couple of soap hunks, where it would be a girl and a couple of guys. At the time, Vincent Irizarry was one of the guys I was talking to, and he was in L.A. doing The Young and the Restless. It was logistically hard to get everyone together, because the people I wanted to use were spread out. Then I thought, ‘Why not three girls? It would be cool to have a trio.’”

Bobbie didn’t have to look far to find her musical accomplices. “I immediately thought of Kassie and Kathy, because I had done duets with both of them. They were excited about the idea — the enthusiasm was there, the availability was there, and we were all on the same page about it.”

Performing with the Divas is, as Bobbie says, “an absolutely a joy. We just laugh all the time. We laugh at what we say, and we also get a kick out of our songs. Singing together in the three-part harmonies that we’ve put together just really seems to work. It’s very rewarding.”

Fans who want to catch the Divas in concert can expect one main thing: fun. “The show is mostly music — with songs most people recognize from the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s — with between-song banter. We also do some current stuff with maybe a few original songs tossed in there. It’s the kind of show that you can sing along to. You come away feeling that you’ve been to a party.”

Meanwhile, Bobbie has been very busy on AMC with her firecracker alter ego, Krystal. “When I was Macy on The Bold and the Beautiful, I didn’t work near as much as I’ve been working since coming to AMC. Immediately I was so fulfilled with the character. In the beginning, Krystal came in swinging pretty hard. Now she’s pretty much woven into the Pine Valley scene, and she’s a little bit subdued. She’s definitely very layered, and they continue to write very interesting stories for her.”

Krystal presently has her hands full with two big stories: the discovery of a long-lost daughter, Babe’s fraternal twin, Marissa, and the murder of Stuart Chandler. Bobbie explains: “The murder story line is a big story line, but it is also happening at the same time that Krystal is having her daughter story line with Marissa. Krystal is implicated in the murder; a lot of people are implicated. There is a lot of action, and the show is moving really really fast, so hold on!”

The Divas will be performing at the CMA Music Festival with a Divas of Daytime breakfast/concert at the Nashville BB King’s Blues Club on Saturday, June 13, as well as a few acoustic sets throughout the weekend. Fans can find event information at

B&B to Stream Online in Spanish

LOS ANGELES – June 2, 2009 – today announced that beginning today it will offer its online full streaming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in Spanish. CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful began as the only Daytime Drama to simulcast in Spanish via SAP (Secondary Audio Program) technology on the CBS Television Network on May 28, 2001. The Spanish feed of the series is dubbed by a second cast of Latino actors who do the voiceovers for each of the characters. The Spanish feed will also be available across the CBS Audience Network.

Every day, thousands of B&B fans visit to watch, interact, and share.

“There is no more passionate fan than that of the CBS Daytime audience,” said Bill Binenstock, Vice President, “Working with the Bell-Phillip team and using SAP technology provides yet another means for reaching a broad and diverse audience.”

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Forbes March to Join ATWT

Forbes March, who previously played Nash on One Life to Live, is joining As the World Turns on July 14 as Mason, Noah's college adviser. Forbes says: "Mason's gay too, so [he and Noah] have that in common. And we'll see where it goes!"

Hmmm ... do we see a possible wrench thrown into the Luke/Noah coupledom?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Days: Such a Tease!


•Stefano confronts Nicole about Sydney.

•Victor invites Brady back into the family.

•Chelsea decides to start a new life — in London.

•Lucas fills Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin, pictured) in on a secret he’s been keeping.

•EJ’s world is turned upside down when Sami finally tells him the truth.

Thursday – Max makes a life changing decision.

Friday – Chloe admits she is still in love with Daniel.

B&B: Such a Tease!

•Bill sets Stephanie straight about who’s in control.
•Incriminating information emerges about Eric (John McCook, pictured).

•Owen maps out his future with Jackie.

•Donna has a difficult decision to make.

•A shadow is cast over Nick and Bridget’s reunion.

Y&R: Such a Tease!

•Ashley is comforted by a vision of Sabrina (Raya Meddine, pictured).

•Jill catches Victor in a compromising position with Mary Jane. Will she expose his secret to Ashley?

•Billy confesses to Chloe that Sharon is pregnant and it may be his child!

•Cane's past may be coming back to haunt him. Could it cost him the life he built with Lily?

•Jack proposes to Sharon.

GL: Such a Tease!

•Cyrus (Murray Bartlett, pictured) returns to town with a mission.

•Bill gets arrested.

•Mallet discovers the murder weapon.
•Olivia confronts Rafe.

ATWT: Such a Tease!

•Margo (Ellen Dollan, pictured) and Tom are dealt a shocking blow.

•Katie and Brad get their signals crossed.

•Rosanna and Paul hit the road.

•Meg makes a deal.

Monday, June 01, 2009

GH: Such a Tease!

Jason has the power to blow Claudia out of the water.
Michael tells Claudia he’s starting to remember things.
Maxie covers for Johnny.

Claudia is determined to keep Michael close by.
Elizabeth is certain Rebecca is up to something.
Michael takes his anger out on Robin.

Claudia wants to put distance between Sonny (Maurice Benard, pictured) and Carly.
Rebecca comes face to face with Helena.
Patrick grows concerned about Robin.

Claudia and Carly’s altercation could result in tragedy.
Rebecca’s secret is revealed.
Jason has his hands full with Kristina.

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Bess feels the walls closing in on her.
Starr wonders what will happen between her and Cole.
Rachel questions Nora’s motives for accepting Clint’s proposal and wonders if she's just avoiding her feelings for Bo.

Viki (Erika Slezak, pictured) finds the only way to get through to Bess.
Gigi and Schuyler are determined to expose Stacy’s lies.
Stacy continues to manipulate Rex.

Jessica is forced to face the painful truth.
Gigi and Stacy go at it.
Starr gets the news she's been waiting for about Hope.

Jessica says goodbye to the baby she’s come to love so much.
Starr has second thoughts about giving Marcie her baby.
Brody wants to be there for Jessica.

AMC: Such a Tease!

A surprising proposition is devised in regards to the murder investigation.
Suspicions grow toward Liza’s guilt.
Scott is in a turmoil.

A former relationship takes an unexpected turn.
Colby (Brianne Moncrief, pictured) accuses Liza of being a cold-blooded killer.
Jake comes up with a plan.

A mother makes a plea to her daughter.
Annie makes a deal.
Krystal warns Marissa not to get too close to David.

Liza asserts her innocence.
An accusatory finger is pointed at David.
A suspect remembers more about the night of the murder.