Friday, January 30, 2009

Interview: Genie Francis Takes a Chance on Love

In December 2007, the Hallmark Channel debuted an original movie called The Note, which starred Genie Francis and Ted McGinley, and ended up being the channel’s highest-rated movie of the year. Well, Genie and Ted are back in The Note II: Taking a Chance on Love.

Having been reunited with Christine, the daughter she gave up for adoption 18 years earlier, Peyton MacGruder (Genie) is still learning the ropes of parenting. She’s also busy writing her Heart Healer column, as well as managing a relationship with co-worker and boyfriend King Danville (Ted). But when King asks Peyton to marry him, she’s too afraid to take a chance at a life she deserves.

When Genie was first approached about making the sequel, she reveals: “I was happy, because that meant we had a success on our hands, but I was worried if it would be able to live up to the first movie. The first one was really good. My initial feeling was, ‘Oh, that’s really great,’ and then it turned into, ‘But gee, can we do that again?’”

When Genie read the script and stepped back into Peyton’s shoes, any doubt and nervousness vanished. “It was easy to step back into the role,” she explains. “There was a comfort level that kicked in, because we were working with all the same people. When you start a new situation, there’s all that getting-to-know-you nervousness that we didn’t have to go through the second time around. It was easier.”

She was also eager to work with Ted again. “Ted is a good guy and a wonderful actor, and that’s always a pleasure.”

There’s another reason it was easy to jump back into the role, as Genie explains: “It’s only nine months later from the first movie to the second one, and their relationship (Peyton and King’s) has evolved. She is in love. And she has created a nice friendship with her daughter (Christine); they’ve gotten pretty close. She’s in a good place in the beginning of the movie, a happy place.”

However, motherhood has not come easy for Peyton. “She really has nothing in her own life to emulate in trying to figure out how to be a mom to Christine. Her own mother died when she was very young, and her child’s adoptive mother also died when she was young.

“Motherhood is not instant potatoes, and she is quite a bit behind in knowing how to be a mother. The relationship really ends up being much more like friends. When she tries to be motherly, she ends up screwing it up — she overdoes it.”

For Genie, the message of the movie is not so much about when to take a chance on love, but rather, the walls we put up to protect ourselves from being hurt by love. “We all have certain defense mechanisms in us; they were there because they kept us safe. There was a time when we really needed them.

“The problem is, we hang onto them too long and then they start to do us in. So it’s really about, what are your walls like, when did you erect them, and do they still serve you?”

If Genie is approached in another year to do The Note III, she says that she would definitely do it — in part because of the excellent storytelling and in part because of the involvement of the Hallmark Channel.

“The Hallmark brand is very reliable. Their movies are always entertaining, and you can sit down with the whole family to watch. Where else can you get that anymore?”

The Note II premieres on Jan. 31 (9 ET/8 CT) on the Hallmark Channel and re-airs on Feb. 6 and 15. Check your local listings for details.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

B&B Actors to Be Honored With NAACP Awards


Actors Dan Martin and Texas Battle (pictured) have been nominated in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for the 40th Annual NAACP Image Awards for their work on The Bold and the Beautiful, it was announced today.

Dan Martin joined the cast of B&B as “Lieutenant Baker” in 1997. For the past 12 years “Lt. Baker” has been a vital part of the series, entangled in the lives of the Forrester, Logan and Marone families during their times of crisis. Martin’s nomination was based upon his work during 2008 in the storyline involving the poisoning of Eric Forrester (played by John McCook).

Texas Battle first appeared on B&B as “Marcus Walton” in May, 2008. Battle’s character arrived at a time when the Forresters and the Logans were involved in deep emotional issues. It was soon revealed that Marcus was connected to the Logans, a secret that Donna (played by Jennifer Gareis) has been keeping since she was a teenager. Battle’s nomination was based upon the 2008 episode where Marcus and his mother Donna are reunited and Marcus desperately tries to understand how she could have abandoned him all those years ago.

This marks the first NAACP Image Award nomination for both Dan Martin and Texas Battle. Martin and Battle’s nominations make a total of seven NAACP Image Award nominations received by B&B. In 1993 Bradley P. Bell was nominated in the category of Outstanding Daytime Drama; in 1999 Usher was nominated in the category of Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama Series for his role as “Raymond”; as was Antonio Sabato, Jr. in 2005 and 2006 for his role as “Dante Damiano”, and Mykel Shannon Jenkins in 2008 for his role as “Charlie Baker.”

The NAACP Image Awards honors projects and individuals that promote diversity in the arts in television, recording, literature and motion pictures. The 40th Annual NAACP Image Awards will broadcast live from Los Angeles’ historic Shrine Auditorium on Thursday, February 12 (8:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX and will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NAACP.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No More Coffee

Claire Coffee, Nadine from General Hospital, posted this message on her official message board:

Hi Everyone!
It's been a while since I've stopped by ... I sort of figured this was coming, but wanted to be absolutely certain until I relayed the news. I have been taken off contract, effective February 8. It's a mutual decision; I completely understand the stresses of the producers and writers and the Nadine storyline seemed to coming to a close. I won't be exploding in a ball of hospital flames, but you probably won't see me much around the hospital, either. Tough times in the economy, Port Charles included! Jill Phelps has been incredibly supportive and I have nothing but respect and reverence for my time at GH. Thank YOU ALL for your support.
Signing off, Claire

Rocco Returns to B&B

Bryan Genesse (pictured, top right) is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful to reprise the role of Rocco Carner. For all you youngins, Rocco is an original character from when the show debuted in 1987 — an acne-plagued Katie liked him, but he was in love with Donna.

"Truly, this is a homecoming for me," Bryan said in a statement. "I know the writers will make it an exhilarating roller coaster ride that I hope lasts a long, long time."

Bryan's first air date is March 12.

BTW — How much do I love this B&B cast picture from 1987-88?!? All the hairspray that was sacrificed for these ladies (and gentlemen)!

GL: Casting News

Coming: Fiona Hutchison returns as Jenna Bradshaw on Monday, Feb. 9th.

Going: John Driscoll (pictured) is leaving his role of Coop Bradshaw. Hmmm ... I am thinking that his departure has something to do with (dead) mother Jenna's brief return.

This is not the first time that Jenna has made an "otherwordly" visit to Coop. On Mothers' Day 2006, she appeared to Coop to offer him advice on Lizzie. Coop's exit is tied into Grant Aleksander's return as Phillip Spaulding, so I am interested to see how they will be handling this one.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Days: Such a Tease!


•Kayla is shot and is rushed into surgery.

•Bo takes aim and fires at the killer.

•Philip and Stephanie make love.

•EJ and Nicole bring home their baby.

•Rafe (Galen Gering, pictured) tells Sami that she can go home.

Thursday – Maggie approaches Lucas intent on telling him about Chloe’s affair.

Friday – Nicole screams- there’s something wrong with the baby.

B&B: Such a Tease!

•A confession changes a relationship forever.

•Nick is faced with a difficult decision.

•Bridget makes a bold move to change the direction of her future.

•Stephanie and Ridge are confused by Eric’s sudden change of attitude.

•Rick (Kyle Lowder, pictured) soon realizes that he isn’t in the clear.

Y&R: Such a Tease!

•After an impassioned argument, the distance between Nick and Phyllis continues to grow.
•Victor makes Gloria an offer she can't refuse.
•Kevin and Amber try to help Kay bring back her identity, but will they get in over their heads?

•Victor gives Brad (Don Diamont, pictured) an ultimatum.

•When Brad opens up about his love to Sharon will she return the feeling?

ATWT: Such a Tease!

•On their wedding day, Carly tells Craig the truth.

•Meg and Dusty make it official.

•Katie finds a way to get Brad (Austin Peck, pictured) his job back.

•Emily puts Jade to work.

GL: Such a Tease!

•Alan catches Beth and Coop in the act.

•Bill's memory comes rushing back to him.

•Shayne fears Edmund's wrath.

•Olivia (Crystal Chappell, pictured) and Natalia deal with the fallout of Emma's presentation.

Monday, January 26, 2009

GH: Such a Tease!

Claudia and Anthony hold their cards close to the vest.
Events are set in motion that will place many lives in peril.
Lucky (Greg Vaughan, pictured) wants to know what’s going on between Sam and Jason.

Spinelli comes through for Jason.
Sam and Lucky agree to call it quits.
Claudia fears Sonny has discovered her secret.

Kate gets the goods on Claudia.
Patrick can’t stop a tragedy in the making.
Nikolas thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him.

Kate holds Claudia’s fate in her hands.
Elizabeth’s life is in jeopardy.
Robin grows more and more depressed.

Claudia has the power to destroy Anthony.
Nikolas fears his brain tumor might have returned.
Lives are in danger at the hospital.

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Todd wiggles out of a serious jam, with help from Tea.
Cole continues on his downward spiral.
Dorian is determined to get what she wants.

Tea drops a bomb on Starr.
Dorian has a new trick up her sleeve.
Bess struggles to keep Tess in control.

Tea lays a guilt trip on Starr.
Natalie (Melissa Archer, pictured) can’t get past what Jessica tried to do to her.
Rex stops David from falling for Dorian’s scheme.

Todd and Tea set out to tarnish Lee’s credibility.
Marty wants answers from Lee.
Starr takes the stand at Todd’s trial.

Emotions run high at Todd’s kidnapping trial.
Natalie has it out with Jessica.
Tea makes a shocking discovery.

AMC: Such a Tease!

Ryan faces off with Dr. Sinclair.
Aidan might have taken things too far.
Tad reaches his breaking point with Krystal.

Dr. Sinclair wants to make Annie pay for what she’s done.
Amanda (Chrishell Stause, pictured) has a surprising proposition for Greenlee and Ryan.
Reese and Zach are caught in an awkward moment.

David wonders if he’s the father of Amanda’s baby.
Aidan realizes Dr. Sinclair is on to him.
Krystal presents Tad with divorce papers.

Erica stirs up trouble at Bianca’s bridal shower.
Reese squares off with her mother.
Tad confronts Krystal about her drug use.

Reese confesses her feelings to Zach.
Zach and Kendall share a romantic reunion.
Tad tears into Krystal for destroying their family.

GH Interview: Laura Wright Is Having a Blast

Carly Corinthos has had her good moments, but she has also had her bad moments. She’s not the type of character you can box into a corner, and neither is her portrayer, Laura Wright. Since arriving on the scene on General Hospital back in 2005, Laura has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.

“I have a blast with Carly,” Laura says. “There are so many things to like about her. I love her passion for people she cares about. You want to say just Sonny and Jason, but it has expanded now to Jax, and of course her family and her kids.

“I just love how her pendulum swings so drastically — I love that about her. Some people are even keel; she’s not. You have your Elizabeths and your Robins — they are intelligent and they’re smart, and they handle things in a normal way. And then you have Carly. And I enjoy that as an actress.”

Laura can also look at Carly with an impartial eye and realize that most times, it is Carly who is to blame for the things she gets herself into. Laura explains: “She’s the one who gets herself into trouble. She could point her finger all day long, but it's like, YOU did it — no one else.”

Like any human, Laura can sometimes get frustrated with Carly, as do her fans, but she doesn’t complain or play the blame game. She looks at it as a challenge. “Sometimes I don’t always love how Carly is written, but that’s my job to figure it out and make it work. I think sometimes I struggle with her obsession with Sonny and Jason. But then again, that’s what makes her Carly. The things that you love about her are the things that you hate about her. I mean, she is her own worst enemy.”

While anything is possible in daytime, there are some things Laura would still like to do. She says: “I thought the Nikolas/Carly pairing could be interesting. I am an actress who believes you can do anything if it is written well, so bring it on. There is nothing they could give me that I would not dive into and rip it up.”

Laura has also set her sights on excitement for Carly, as if she doesn’t get enough already. “I think Jax and Carly should do an Alias/James Bond-type adventure. We all know he looks amazing in a tux, and I can wear a skimpy little outfit. I love that. Those are my favorite kinds of shows.”

Laura doesn’t know what the future holds for Carly, but she is excited by all the possibilities. She explains: “There could be tons in store for her, of course depending on what they want to do. I’m not the kind of person where you can wall me in. I say, put me with Rick, I don’t care. The story would be why you’d be with someone that crazy. I think the crazier and more ‘out there’ the story line, the better for me.”