Friday, January 16, 2009

Interview: Catching Up With Scott Bailey

(Photo Credit: Tom Cullis)

Scott Bailey is best known to daytime audiences for playing Sandy Foster on Guiding Light from 2003 to 2006. Now he is co-starring with Sigourney Weaver, Ryan Kelley and Susan Ruttan in the Lifetime Television original movie Prayers for Bobby. The film tells the story of Mary Griffith (Sigourney), a profoundly religious wife and mother who begins to question her faith after the suicide of her gay son, Bobby (Ryan). The movie is based on an acclaimed book of the same name written by Leroy Aarons.

Scott plays David, Bobby’s boyfriend. Scott explains: “It’s a very sad story, but it’s an important one. In this tragic tale, I think David represents hope, because he is encouraging, very accepting, very at peace with being gay. His family is also accepting, and I think that his life represents the way it should be.”

This film is a coming-of-age story that many people don’t really even have to think about until it affects them or someone they love. As Scott tells me: “As if your teenage years aren’t hard enough, imagine having to come out to your family and friends. If they don’t understand or approve of it, or their religion may tell them that you’re damned to hell because of it — I think that is one of the reasons why the gay suicide rate is four times greater than the suicide rate among straight teenagers.”

Scott had read the book a few years before, so when he learned of the movie, he jumped at the chance to be in it. “I would have loved to play Bobby, of course, but,” he adds with a laugh, “I realize I am a little too old to play him.”

But reflecting back on David, Scott is more than satisfied with playing this pivotal role: “I think this part IS me. I am an idealist, and I don’t see color or race or sexual orientation, and it is hard for me to grasp that so much prejudice exists in the world.”

Scott was on his toes working with such an impressive cast. He recalls: “On my very first day of shooting, I had to shoot some emotional scenes with Sigourney Weaver. For me, that’s like going to the World Series or something. I was so determined to bring my A-game.

“You hear about these big stars, they’re working all the time, making all this money, and you almost want to find out that they’re jerks — not Sigourney. She is an amazing actress, and she had some hard work to do in this film. She is very nice, collaborative, engaged — everything nice you could say about her, you take that and double it.”

He also enjoyed working with the rest of the cast. “The cast was amazing. Ryan did a great job, and I think it is going to be really heartbreaking.”

When all is said and done, Scott really hopes that viewers take away a few lessons from the movie: “I think movies like this need to be seen. I hope audiences learn about homosexuality and the Bible, and that by telling this we are able to increase some form of tolerance. I hope that kids out there who might be like Bobby can watch this movie, and maybe show it to their parents, so they won’t even consider suicide as an answer.”

Prayers for Bobby premieres Saturday, Jan. 24, on Lifetime Television. Check your local listings for times.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days: Such a Tease!



* Chloe gets an audition in Vancouver and decides to get away.

* Rafe faces off with the killer.

* Charlotte flies off the deep end and takes a lethal syringe to Marlena’s townhouse.

* Kate warns Lucas about keeping Sami in his life.

Thursday – Nicole learns Sami’s whereabouts and decides to pay her a visit.

Friday – John and Marlena (Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall, pictured) say goodbye to Salem.

Days Star Has Baby Girl

Alison Sweeney, 31, gave birth to Megan Hope Sanov at 11:48 p.m. last night, Jan. 12. Megan weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

"Everyone is doing great," Alison's rep says. "She said she can't wait to watch The Biggest Loser tonight with her daughter."

Alison, who hosts NBC's The Biggest Loser along with playing Sami Brady on Days of Our Lives, also has a 3-year-old son, Ben, with hubby Dave Sanov.

Monday, January 12, 2009

B&B: Such a Tease!

•Ridge suffers an emotional meltdown.

•Bridget tries to put a stop to Rick’s newest venture.

•Katie learns what Nick (Jack Wagner, pictured) has been hiding.

•Steffy’s life gets complicated.

•Stephanie and Jackie find comfort at the bottom of their martini glasses.

Y&R: Such a Tease!

•Chloe struggles with her feelings for Billy. Will Lily decide to take a step back from him?
•Nick and Sharon are horrified when Brad reveals Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford, pictured) scheme to break up Jack and Sharon.
•Knowing that he can face jail time, will Adam accept the terms of Victor's deal?

•Anger and emotion explode as Nick and Phyllis' argument escalates.

•Tyra and Karen have a heated confrontation when Tyra learns Karen wants to adopt Ana.

GL: Such a Tease!

•Coop (John Driscoll, pictured) and Beth's affair is exposed.

•Lizzie gets kidnapped — again.

•Shayne reveals the truth about his girlfriend.

•Mallet and Marina get Mallet's fertility test results.

ATWT: Such a Tease!

•Lucinda (Elizabeth Hubbard, pictured) helps bring Luke and Noah back together.

•Lily puts a crazy idea into Craig's head.

•Jade's past catches up to her.

•Dusty and Johnny try to get used to their new lives.

Interview AMC: Aiden Turner Talks Guns, Thailand and Soggy Lettuce

Back in 2002, Aiden Turner received the highest compliment an actor on a soap opera can get: The powers that be at All My Children created a role specifically for him. For the past six years, Aiden has portrayed Aidan Devane, Pine Valley’s resident private investigator.

No one was more stunned – or thankful – when Aiden was cast as Aidan. He explains: “At the time I had just recently arrived from England. I was only here for four months, got an agent and went over to see Judy Wilson. They didn’t give me the first role that I auditioned for, but they got me back to do a screen test and wanted to create a role for me. It was a great compliment.”

Aiden has nothing but praise for Judy, herself an award-winning casting director who is credited with casting some of the most memorable roles in daytime. “I owe Judy everything,” Aidan says. “She has a great eye for talent – not that I was too talented back then. She saw me and saw something in me. And I’m glad she did, because it’s been a great six years.”

In these six years, Aiden has been like a kid in a candy store. Playing such a skilled character like Aidan has been fun and challenging.

“I like the fact that he is highly trained in aikido and martial arts, and he’s weapon trained. I love that he’s got a military background. I really respect what our troops in England and what American troops are doing today in the world and fighting the war against terror, and to know that my character is a part of that makes me feel good.

“Plus, I’ve always loved war movies, like Platoon and Full Metal Jacket,” Aiden continues. “I get to act out that I am a special spy – or 008, they call me – and I get to play with guns at work. For instance, the other week, I got to play with a MAC-10. They sent me to gun training for it for an hour and a half. I shot it about four times, and I offed 30 rounds each time; it’s a powerful machine gun. I got to use it on set, with blanks, of course.

“That’s my character and I love that. I think it’s cool, and it makes me feel tough. When I get home, I feel like soggy lettuce compared with Aidan Devane.”

Before landing his role on AMC, Aiden did quite a bit of traveling as a model, which he absolutely loved. “Thailand was one of the first places I went on my around-the-world trip. I really love Thailand – it just looks like paradise to me, with the palm trees coming out over the beach and all the little huts. Thai food is amazing.

“I also went to Bali, Indonesia, which was really nice. That, and the fact that everything was about 10 times cheaper than it was in England, so you didn’t have to worry about money. But Australia is my favorite place. If I could live anywhere and still work, if I could just pick up and move to Sydney and work, I’d be the happiest man on Earth.”

Sunday, January 11, 2009

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Janet is a wanted woman.
Cole starts down a dangerous path.
Viki can’t turn her back on Todd (Trevor St. John, pictured).

Bo and Nora confront Matthew with the drugs they found.
Todd opens up to Starr.
Marty pushes Cole away.

Brody has a breakthrough.
Jessica remembers more about the night she gave birth.
Tea manipulates Lola.

Dorian enlists Delphina’s help to find David.
Tess pleads with Viki to help her find out the truth about Chloe.
Brody seeks answers from Wes.

Tess remembers what happened when Chloe was born.
Starr realizes Cole is on drugs.
David is tempted by Dorian’s advances.

GH: Such a Tease!

Claudia wants to keep the status quo.
Jax and Carly take steps toward getting back together.
Nikolas and Nadine take on the government.

Agent Rayner offers Jason a deal.
Claudia pressures Sonny to get rid of Jason once and for all.
Jax and Carly share a romantic evening together.

Jason gets in deeper with the Feds.
Kate (Megan Ward, pictured) spies on an oblivious Claudia.
Lucky and Sam can’t seem to connect.

Sonny asks Jason point blank if he betrayed him.
Claudia frantically searches for the DVD that could do her in.
Maxie puts Spinelli’s mind at ease.

Jason and Sonny come clean with each other.
Ric grows suspicious of Claudia.
Patrick recalls the events before disaster struck.

AMC: Such a Tease!

Tad demands the truth from Krystal.
Bianca’s plan backfires.
Pete (Daniel Kennedy, pictured) is heartbroken over Colby’s rejection.

The jig could be up for Aidan.
Tad plays hardball with Krystal.
Randi’s past comes back to haunt her.

Zach suspects that Erica is up to something.
Aidan promises Annie that he’ll help her.
Josh vows revenge against Zach.

David has dire news for Zach.
Aidan coaches Annie on what to tell Dr. Sinclair.
Opal questions Krystal about David’s true motives.

Josh makes a desperate move.
Amanda buys a pregnancy test.
Angie and Jake team up to bring David down.