Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Finals Days of the Light

Guiding Light's last airdate is Sept. 18th, so make sure you tune in during these final days to see some old friends. Beginning Sept. 14th, the following former castmembers will make an appearance: Lisa Brown (“Nola”), Carey Cromelin (“Wanda”), Morgan Englund (“Dylan”), Melissa Hayden (“Bridget”), Maureen Garrett (“Holly”), Jay Hammer (“Fletcher”), David Andrew Macdonald (“Edmund”), Peter Simon (“Ed”), Nancy St. Alban (“Michelle”), Paul Anthony Stewart (“Danny”) and Krista Tesreau(“Mindy”). Okay, I'm getting teary-eyed now ...

Also, the CBS news magazine 60 Minutes will do a tribute to the 72-year-old soap this coming Sunday, Sept. 13th.


Elly said...

Seventy-two years! I still can't believe it. And I was only a very casual watcher.