Thursday, August 06, 2009

AMC and OLTL Move to New Production Facilities

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All My Children and One Life to Live are getting new homes — but you can still catch them at their old times.

ABC Daytime announced today that it would move production of AMC from New York to Los Angeles and that OLTL would move into AMC's former New York space, giving both shows facility upgrades and streamlined production models.

AMC's new facility is twice as large as its current one. It includes two stages, which will allow it to keep more standing sets. It will also allow the series to switch immediately from standard-definition to high-definition TV.

OLTL will enjoy similar upgrades when the show moves into AMC's old home, which is 30 percent larger than OLTL's current space.

After the show relocates in December, AMC will begin taping episodes in Los Angeles the week of Jan. 4, 2010, and will begin airing in HD in February. The move of OLTL to its new home takes place soon after AMC relocates.