Thursday, July 02, 2009

Days Casting News

Soap Opera Digest has reported that Days of Our Lives is bringing back Justin Kiriakis in the form of Wally Kurth. Wally was last seen in Salem back in 1991. First, Crystal Chappell is returning as Carly, now Wally is back as Justin. Could Judi Evans be far behind as Adrienne?

***UPDATE: Well, this dream of mine won't be coming true, as Judi has signed onto As the World Turns, and her scenes will begin airing in August. Darn! ***

And speaking of the Kiriakises — this is the perfect time to bring back Lawrence (for Carly) and Vivian (for every Days fan).

[Is it too much to hope for that Missy Reeves (Jen) and Matt Ashford (Jack) could come back as well? Pretty please?]

Wally's first airdate is Aug. 10.