Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Casting News - Melody Thomas Scott Is Out!

It appears that contract talks between Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman, The Young and the Restless) have hit an impasse, and Nikki is being written out of the show. Melody was offered a new contract at a slashed salary (because of the economic climate), much like what happened with Jess Walton, which she refused to agree to. They then offered her a recurring status so she would be free to pursue other acting venues, which she also reportedly refused, angry at the idea of being off-contract.

As of now, both parties appear to be at a stalemate. While the brass at Y&R have not issued a casting call to replace Melody (unlike they did when negotiations with Jess came to a standstill), there is still hope that the two parties can resolve this. I really hope they can, because I cannot imagine the show, and Genoa City, without Nikki Newman. I guess after 30 years, you tend to get attached!


Anonymous said...

Ow just give her a new contract CBS. The show is Nikki Newman. Without her half of Y&R is gone. So what if she wants a full contract, I think this is fair after 30 years of money making for CBS.

Unknown said...

I completely agree - let's hope the folks at Y&R come to their senses!!