Friday, April 10, 2009

GH Nurses' Station Gets an Upgrade

I have mixed feelings whenever a soap gets a new set. I love seeing the living rooms, staircases and bedrooms I've watched for years. I can handle some new drapes or a new sofa, but I want to see the same residences with the same old wallpaper I grew up watching. (I still miss Katie's cute little cottage in the woods on As the World Turns, boo-hoo.)

So it is with reservation that I announce the debut of the new General Hospital nurses' station. The old one was destroyed during the latest disaster (some kind of toxic thingamajigs) to hit Port Charles. As much as I will miss the old set, the new one sure is purty. Look for it to make its big debut on April 14th, along with the return of ubervillainess Helena Cassadine, played the divine Constance Towers, but here is a sneak peek above.