Sunday, October 12, 2008

OLTL: Such a Tease!

Viki’s sudden return threatens Tess’ plan.
Fate intervenes to help Tina out of her latest mess.
John (Michael Easton, pictured) puts the screws to Janet.

Dr. Joplin begs Todd to abandon his plan for Starr’s sake.
Tess has Jared and Natalie right where she wants them.
Tina and Tess scramble to keep Viki in the dark.

Gigi comes up with a plan to see Rex.
Dorian will stop at nothing to prevent Ray from taking Langston away from her.
Cristian manages to make contact with Sarah.

Tess thinks she’d better skip town while she still can.
Bo shares his suspicions with Viki.
Gigi evens the score with Adriana.

Dorian tries to undo the plan she’s already set in motion.
Clint has second thoughts about taking Langston away from Dorian.
Chaos breaks out when all concerned parties converge at the airport.