Monday, February 25, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of Feb. 25th

AMC: It turns out hiring a bodyguard (Aidan) for her book tour wasn't a silly idea when Kendall, indeed, is attacked by a stalker.
ATWT: Matt's motives become even more mysterous when he knocks out Brad and Katie.
B&B: Taylor goes completely nuts when she sees Brooke at her child custody hearing.
Days: Patsy Pease returns as Kimberly Brady for Grandpa Shawn's funeral, but (alas) blink and you'll miss her.
GH: Elizabeth and Sam are both at the mercy of the Text Message Killer!
GL: Alan and Doris shakes hands on a deal -- this can't be good.
OLTL: Langston and Cole continue to fight their hormonal teenage urges.
Passions: Kay breaks her promise to Miguel and uses witchcraft to exorcise a demon elf.
Y&R: David gets honest with Nikki and tells her about his gambling debt.