Sunday, December 14, 2008

AMC: Such a Tease!

Bianca gets an earful when she drops in on Reese’s (Tamara Braun, pictured) father.
Taylor opens up to Frankie about her feelings for Brot.
Amanda tries to get JR to fall off the wagon.

David reminds Erica that she owes him one.
Krystal wants to know what David’s up to with Amanda.
Annie attacks Ryan when he visits her at Oak Haven.

Aidan fills Annie’s head with lies about Ryan.
Bianca’s insecurities about her and Reese’s relationship grow stronger.
David blackmails Joe to get what he wants.

Zach and Reese are forced to reveal their secret to Bianca.
Jake and Taylor run interference for Brot.
Randi’s past catches up to her.

Myrtle’s family and friends remember her with love and affection.
All of Pine Valley gathers to pay tribute to Myrtle.
Zach ensures that Myrtle will never be forgotten.