Monday, November 24, 2008

Unconfirmed: Brenda Walsh Is Pregnant

Unnamed sources have given us quite a scoop here at Daytime Dial: Brenda Walsh is pregnant. In the last episode, Brenda confessed to Kelly that she slept with Ryan. Now, we hear Brenda is going to have a "medical-related" story line. While some are speculating that Brenda has some disease or illness that will cause her demise, I have it on fairly good authority that Shannen Doherty's alter ego will be popping out a little Ryan Jr. some time next year. That will definitely cause some friction between Kelly and Brenda, ya think?

Stay tuned ... and when our prediction comes true, you can say you read it here first!

ETA: However, if my source is intentionally trying to throw us off the track, then the other scenario is that Adriana is pregnant. As you will recall, she threw up at the smell of a hotdog during last week's episode. However, they haven't shown her and Navid doing the nasty (they made a big deal out of him being a virgin), so that would be a cheap trick to make her be the one preggers. But hey, you never know!