Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jade Returns to Oakdale

Rose's daughter and Luke's cousin, Jade Taylor, left Oakdale after causing nothing but trouble. She tried to drive a wedge between supercouple-in-the-making Gwen and Will, and even hit on Holden! Gwen and Will have since departed Oakdale, so who will Jade try to come between now?

Last played by Elena Goode, actress Davida Williams (pictured) will take over as Jade beginning Dec. 17. Williams is best known as Claire on Lizzie McGuire. It will be interesting to see if Jade is back to her old tricks or if she's matured. She seemed to be developing more layers right before she left town. I'd like to see her renew her friendship with cousin Luke (Van Hansis) who, as you will see in the coming weeks, could use some support.