Monday, October 27, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Scott has grand plans for him and Laura.
Lulu (Julie Marie Berman, pictured) makes her escape from Shadybrook.
Sam pleads with Lucky not to walk away from her.

Claudia and Anthony clash over Sonny.
Maxie persuades Jason to go to Robin’s wedding.
Olivia has some sound advice for Patrick.

Spinelli gives Robin some distressing news about Patrick.
Claudia won’t lift a finger to help Anthony.
Olivia confronts Sonny about his desire to regain power.

Robin has faith that Patrick won’t leave her standing at the altar.
Luke and Tracy set off on Scott and Laura’s trail.
Scott takes Laura on a trip down memory lane.

One moment affects Robin and Patrick’s wedding.
Luke and Laura come face to face for the first time.
Karpov makes his move to get revenge against Sonny.