Monday, October 20, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Maxie and Lulu set out to rescue Spinelli.
Anthony has an incredulous proposition for Sonny.
Tracy only makes things worse for her and Luke.

Sonny tells Kate that it will be impossible for him to avoid the mob.
Kate encourages Olivia to reveal her secret to Sonny.
Jerry (Sebastian Roche, pictured) sets Sam up for a fall.

Maxie and Spinelli convince Lulu that she isn’t losing her mind.
Claudia presents her outrageous plan to Jason.
Jax sets out to beat Nikolas at his own game.

Scott and Lulu get the shock of their lives at Shadybrook.
Jason and Claudia dare each other to carry out their plan.
Luke realizes that Edward has no plan to help him and Tracy.

Laura will do anything to protect Lulu.
Olivia becomes evasive when Sonny questions her about her son.
Nikolas assures Nadine there’s nothing going on between him and Carly.