Monday, October 20, 2008

AMC: Such a Tease!

Kendall fights for her life at the hospital.
Bianca is full of unexpected surprises.
JR is forces to make an impossible decision.

Jake has dire news about Kendall.
Zach comes through for Bianca.
Jesse shocks Angie (Debbi Morgan, pictured) with the truth about Natalia.

Jake warns Zach that time is running out for Kendall.
Angie has surprising news for Frankie.
Ryan and Annie are desperate to find a missing Emma.

Babe admits to JR she knows what’s really going on.
Bianca and Zach swear Greenlee to secrecy.
Ryan comes to Adam and Erica’s rescue.

Ryan and Annie get chilling news about Emma.
Angie wants the truth from Jesse.
Zach blames Jake for Kendall’s condition.