Monday, September 15, 2008

GH: Such a Tease!

Lulu tells Nikolas she doesn’t want to run away no matter what.
Anthony and Trevor’s scheme hits a snag.
Jax continues to keep Carly at arms length.

The jury reaches a verdict at Johnny’s trial.
Jax and Diane don’t see eye to eye with Kate.
Sam (Kelly Monaco, pictured) convinces Jerry she wants to go bad again.

Carly gets on board with Spinelli and Maxie’s plan.
Nikolas has a surprising offer for Nadine.
Johnny and Lulu share a happy reunion.

Patrick learns a shocking secret.
Carly strikes out in her attempt at online dating.
Laura’s ready to reveal herself to Lucky and Nikolas.

Lulu gets quite a surprise when she visits Laura.
Patrick is appalled by Noah’s behavior.
Alexis and Diane lament the sorry state of their love lives.